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Miken KOalition

Driven by Determination. Built to Win. Since the breakthrough Ultra reinvented the game, Miken has produced the greatest bats to ever hit the field. We have designed, developed, tested, and proven that we in fact are the best in the business.

In 2013 we take that experience and knowledge, upgrade our "formula" for success, and focus on the most important piece of the equation...the Players. With the launch of the Miken KOalition, we cover the fields with die hards who bleed the game and are the true experts. Led by Denny Crine, our KOalition will spread from coast to coast - swinging every new bat, testing product and innovations, ensuring that we hear the voices that matter the most.

As a KOalition member, you will earn KO reward points for every new bat purchase, every approved bat product review or video review submitted, referrals, and more.

Click for complete details on the program and how to enlist.

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