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PWR 360™ technology is setting a new benchmark in one-piece high performance bats.  This triple wall design has 22% more exclusive material ensuring circumference consistency resulting in a hotter out of the wrapper performance,  larger sweetspot,  and unrivaled durability.

750X HPI™ (High Pressure Infusion) injects ultra-tough epoxy into the highest grade carbon fiber and aramid fibers at 750 pounds per square inch!  Extreme pressure and premium materials produce a game changing level of performance and durability.

Breakthrough Tetra-Core technology optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube,  increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. The outer core layering provides increased flex allowing the inner core tube to maximize sweetspot and durability.

Sensi-Flex maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone while eliminating vibration.