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Miken Koalition


When your profile has been created and is live, you wll be assigned a KO member certification number allowing you to:
  • Register bats
  • Upload pictures
  • Upload video product reviews
  • Upload written product reviews
  • Post status updates
  • Post player/team stats
  • Link to other social media sites like facebook, etc.
  • Connect with other KOalition members


100 pts.

Registering new bat purchases (Bats valid from 1/1/12-present, must have serial number and proof of purchase receipt or invoice) Please note 1/1/12 date is manufacturing date and not purchased date. If serial number is reading as invalid it's because the bat was manufactured before this date. If you have a question or concern on this please email us at Koalition@mikensports.com with bat in question attaching serial number.

50 pts.

Submission of Video bat review (must be approved by Miken to qualify)

25 pts.

Bat review post with photo (must be approved by Miken to qualify)

10 pts.

Referral that results in new bat purchase (Both must be KO members to receive KO points)


Receive free gear such as Bats, KO jerseys, sleeves, and Miken Flat bill as a KO member 3000pts. FREE Bat, 500pts. Eligible for KO jersey at no cost, and 200 pts For KO jersey sleeves or Miken Flat Bill Hat at no cost.

*Miken reserves the right to monitor account activity and confirm that all point accumulated are legitimate prior to redemption.

*Limited one (1) bat review per bat model and must be current inline product. i.e. 2013 Rev-Ex for slowpitch bat would be considered one model. Multiple reviews may be sent but members will only receive credit under these guidelines once reviewed and approved.

*Sponsorship teams are excluded from registering bats and will be monitored.

*All YouTube Bat reviews received must be open for public to see. Private videos aren't accepted.

"First look" at new product
first chance to buy Special edition KO bat available only to KO members Field testing of product in development when designated elite KO status by Denny Crine entered to train with Denny Crine/Jeremy Isenhower/Kevin Filby/Ed Vega with your team - 4 training sessions will be awarded.