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Vortex Handle Technology: Vortex handle technology harnesses the power of braid reinforcement to increase strength and optimize performance. Each braided layer distributes load evenly while all layers move seamlessly together for optimal flex and performance. Hyperbolic Barrel Flex Technology: HBF Technology, our multi-layer walls are 100% 'fully released' for hot out of the wrapper performance. Our proprietary layering extends the barrel flex which results in a 20% bigger sweetspot.
T3000 Alloy: Miken’s extrusion process maximizes performance and durability which allows for even thinner walls creating the ultimate sweetspot zone. Dual Flex Technology: With Dual Flex Technology, our multi-layer walls maximize energy transfer pushing the limits of bat performance. The intermix of aerospace grade fiber and aramid fiber precisely angled results in a massive sweetspot and increased durability while eliminating vibration.
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