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Thank you for purchasing a Miken bat. Miken is fanatically dedicated to crafting bats that achieve the highest levels of performance, durability and quality that serious players demand.

Miken Limited Warranty
Miken warrants the bat against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase, provided the bat is purchased from an authorized Miken dealer and provided the bat is properly used and maintained as described below and on the Miken Bat Care Tips sheet provided with your new bat. This warranty is provided only to the original purchaser, and cannot be reassigned. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WHICH WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED.

Limitation of Remedies and Liability for Breach of Limited Warranty
The buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for breach of Miken's limited warranty is a one-time repair of the defective bat, or replacement of the defective bat with a comparable Miken bat model, at Miken's option. Under no circumstances shall Miken be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, whether the claim is based upon warranty, contract, negligence, strict liability or other cause of action. Miken strives to engineer its softball and baseball bats to comply with current standards promulgated by various associations. Miken cannot control changes in these standards or the testing procedures employed to check compliance with these standards. Miken shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any ban imposed on the bat by any association. In the event of a ban, however, Miken will exercise reasonable efforts to have the ban lifted.

Warning/Voiding of Limited Warranty
Though more durable than wood or aluminum, composite bats can break and possibly cause injury to the batter, other players or spectators, so use the bat with care. Inspect the bat frequently and thoroughly for cracking, deep scratches or significant wear, and immediately discontinue use of the bat if any of these conditions are found. Do not use the bat if it is damaged in any manner or appears to be excessively worn. With continued use of the bat under any of these conditions will nullify Miken's limited warranty. The Miken slow-pitch softball bat line was designed for slow-pitch softball play only; these slow-pitch bats are not designed for and are not acceptable for modified or fast-pitch play. Use of these slow-pitch bats for modified or fast-pitch play will nullify Miken's limited warranty. Please check Miken's web page (www.mikensports.com) for a current listing of the slow pitch and fast pitch softball models. Failure to comply with the Bat Care Tips sheet provided with your new bat will also nullify Miken's limited warranty.

Bat Alteration Prohibited
Miken does not approve of or authorize the purchaser or any other person to physically alter the bat in any manner for use in any game under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of an association or organization that has set standards for the performance of bats. Alteration includes but is not limited to bat doctoring, vicing, rolling, hitting objects other than approved balls, and any other action that is designed to change the character or performance attributes of the bat in any manner. Any alteration of the bat will nullify Miken's limited warranty. Furthermore, should injuries or other damages occur as a result of any use of an altered bat, the person who altered the bat, along with the player who knowingly used the altered bat, may be held liable for such injuries or damage.

Returning a Bat for Warranty
For the quickest turn around submit our online Return Authorization Form. The following information is required for a warranty repair or replacement:
  • model, length, weight, date of purchase and location of purchase.
  • The return authorization number will be issued via E-mail.

Send the bat and the original purchase receipt to the following address:

Miken Sports
Warranty Department
R.A. #
132 Bissen Street
Caledonia, MN 55921

Miken will inspect the returned bat for compliance with warranty requirements, detailed in the Miken Limited Warranty Information sheet provided with your new bat. Miken reserves the right to conduct whatever testing on the returned bat that it deems appropriate, including destructive testing, to determine whether the bat meets the warranty requirements. If Miken determines that the bat does not comply with the warranty requirements, the bat (in the condition resulting from any testing done pursuant to this paragraph) will be returned to the sender. Bats received without an original receipt or other proof of purchase acceptable to Miken will not be honored for warranty consideration. Miken does not accept PayPal as an alternate form of valid proof of purchase.

Miken slowpitch softball bat line is not designed for modified or fastpitch play; therefore those bats will not be warranted under these circumstances.

Though all of Miken's bats are designed for the toughest of playing conditions, they are not designed to withstand misuse or abuse. Please comply with the following to maintain your limited warranty, and to ensure that your bat lasts as long as possible:
  1. Do not return the bat to your sporting goods dealer.
  2. Do not clean metal spikes or hit anything other than intended game balls with the bat. This may cause scratching and chipping which may severely shorten the life-span of the bat and subject the bat to premature breakage.
  3. Limit use to a single individual. Multi-person use will severely shorten the life-span of the bat.
  4. Use only with regulation balls. Batting cage balls and severely water logged balls are significantly denser than the balls the bat was designed to withstand.
  5. The Miken slow-pitch softball bat line is not designed for modified or fast-pitch play. Please check Miken's web page (www.mikensports.com) for a current listing of the slow pitch and fast pitch softball models.
Failure to maintain or use the bat in accordance with the above tips will nullify the Miken limited warranty provided with your purchase of the bat.
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